Monday, January 21, 2013

Online Forum application using Entity Framework

In this article I would like to share how we can build up a forum application which is similar to c# corner. I used the css from the site as I am not well familiar with css.
This application is done using Entity Framework.
Application mainly covers
  •          Registering users.
  •          Checking availability of users.
  •          Posting questions & replies for the questions.
  •          Like the posted questions.
  •          Will not allow self Likes (no chance for liking his own questions).
  •            Will not allow user to like the same question for multiple times.

Sample Images:
Home page:

Home, Questions, Ask Question was developed.


After Login:

Latest Questions:

Post a question:

After successful post questions will display in descending order

Selecting on question will redirect to display page where we can like and post answers

Self Like:

Login as different user and click like will display as follows

Liking the same question by the same user for multiple times

Post a reply

With replies

Multiple likes by different user

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