Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dynamic Data Entities Web Application with Entity Framework

In this article I will explain how we can work with Dynamic Data Entities Web Application which is available at the time of creating a project.
In this article I will show how we can implement CRUD operation without writing a single line of code, and by just un-commenting a line in Global.asax file.
The only thing you have to do is to add a reference in Global.asax file with your project name you created. As my project name dynamicdataentities I will add this as a reference as follows
using dynamicdataentities;

The only thing you have to do after this is to un-comment this line of code from Global.asax file
DefaultModel.RegisterContext(typeof(YourDataContextType), new ContextConfiguration() { ScaffoldAllTables = false });

You have to replace this with the following
DefaultModel.RegisterContext(typeof(codeDBEntities), new ContextConfiguration() { ScaffoldAllTables = true });

Here codeDBEntities is nothing but the connection string which is available in Web.config file or you can find it in Model.edmx

First let us create a project by selecting ASP.NET Dynamic Data Entities Web Application as follows

This will create a project with a Master page, a Default page, a Global.asax file along with script and css.
Now let us add Ado.NET Entity Data Model as we did in our last article

As I am already having an connection I am not showing how to add connection, I will proceed with what I have

Open Global.asax file from the solution explorer

You can find some code with comments, we will un-comment the one we needed as follows

Here in place of YourDataContextType you have to replace your context type which will be available in web.config or in Model.edmx

Now run your application

As I integrated 2 tables it is showing those tables, select the required to perform CRUD operations.
I selected Employee and the details are as follows

In the department dropdown you can find out the entire department listed as follows

If I select any that corresponding details were shown as follows

Inserting details to Employee table, if you select Insert New Item it will display as follows

Edit Update screen

Deleting a record:

Before delete: I will delete one of the record


After delete:

 Viewing Employees from Department

Details of selected Employee

Any comments welcome..

Please do feel free to ask for any queries...


  1. The .NET Web Development and Tools group shipped a Dynamic Data project template with VS2012 that hard fails on the first line of code and the failure can be fixed by a simple mod to the template.

    I guess DynamicData is a dying technology afterall. Hopefully the ASP.NET MVC team will pick it up an integrate it into ASP.NET MVC.

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